Welcome to Ewing & Ray Foundation Services, Inc.

A Leader in Foundation and Drainage Repair in Mississippi since 1968.

Your foundation, although often hidden, is the most essential portion of your building. It is incredibly strong, yet equally as vulnerable to cracks and drainage problems. Ewing & Ray Foundation Services, Inc. serves to ensure the durability and functionality of your foundation, providing you with years of security and peace of mind.

Our staff is well equipped to analyze, diagnose and remedy your building’s trouble. When foundation crack repair becomes necessary, you can be confident that we’ll do the job with skill and efficiency. Licensed by the State Board of Contractors of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Tennessee, we are capable of working with older buildings as well as new construction.

Because we hold a sincere understanding of the alarm that can occur when you spot drainage problems or a cracked foundation, repair is something we strive to enact as quickly as possible. After thorough inspection and analysis from our engineers, we get right to the heavy lifting. Every step of the process is observed with honesty and integrity.

Foundation repairing projects fall under one of two categories: shallow repair and deep repair. Ewing & Ray Foundation Services, Inc. offers multiple repair options with specific materials and procedures, each designed to best restore the base of your home or business. http://ewingandray.com/forming-grade-beams-at-commerical-project/ http://ewingandray.com/forming-grade-beams-at-commerical-project/Using everything from best online casinos helical pulldown piles to mud pumping to concrete pads, we make every effort to keep your property and its occupants safe.

Site stabilization, drainage repair and expert foundation services are our specialties at Ewing & Ray Foundation Services, Inc., and we invite you to join our satisfied Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Tennessee customers. Call today to learn more!